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Business and Organizational Coaching

uses proven tools and methodologies to unlock human potential, improve performance and develop strong, passionate, and successful leaders.

“…one-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot. And whereas coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance, today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting top producers. In fact, in a 2004 survey by Right Management Consultants (Philadelphia), 86 percent of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders.”

What an Executive Coach Can Do for You
by Paul Michelman
Harvard Management Update, June 13, 2005

Innovative Heights’ clients are thriving, educated, intelligent, and motivated— entrepreneurs, students, artist, business owners and executives. Each client craves business success, to achieve more, and improve their quality of life.


“The direction, clarity, and motivation I received from having a coach was just what I needed… I wish they offered this right out of school.” ~ Client


“I knew I could grow my business on my own… but having a coach really pushed me to reach higher and get there more quickly.” ~ Client



"There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few that we feel like doing today." ~Mignon McLaughlin


If this sounds like you, please contact me for a free initial session.

Innovative Heights:
Uses a brain-based approach to coaching, which is scientifically proven to produce results.

What is coaching?
Coaching is a synthesis of a mentor, to believe in you and help you set bigger goals... A manager, to break down the goals into 'do-able bits'... A personal trainer, which will keep you moving along your path and a sports coach to give you feedback to help improve your game.

Ask yourself:
  • Do you feel you have reached your full potential?
  • Are you a professional who feels “something” is missing?
  • What dream have you given up on?
  • Want a more balanced life?
  • When is the last time you were challenged?
  • Want to grow your business?
  • Are you unsure of what you want?

  • Do these questions inspire or scare you?

    Either way, book a free initial session and find out how Innovative Heights can help!

    Free Initial Session:
    In 1 1/2 hour you will:

  • Learn how Innovative Heights can help you
  • Develop three inspiring and motivating goals
  • Gain insights into how thinking affects behavior and results
  • There is no obligation to continue and no cost to you

  • You have nothing to lose!